Significantly Stronger, Wider , Safer & More Weather Resistant than Bungee Cord!

Two off 965mm L x 38mm W x 6mm D (38″x1.5″X.25″) Belts that Secure Equipment. Supplied with 1 connector and 4 posts and 4 hooks. The posts can be attached to the bodywork using 2 M4 bolts or screws, mounting area 37 x 21mm (1.5” x 7/8”)

  • Not affected by hot or cold climates
  • UV resistant
  • Two belts (or more) can be “buttoned” together to almost double its length with the connector included in every package.
  • For use on work & emergency vehicles, off road & military trucks, 4×4 and boats.
  • Product ID: T11075
Securing equipment with two belts is always safer than one. 7kg (30lb) propane tanks, 50 litre water containers, Jerry cans and similar items always need two belts.


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